A Student Story: Toby Coyle, Justice, Policy and Leadership

Kentucky State Police Officer and EKU Online Corrections Graduate Student Toby Coyle

Toby Coyle is a 16-year veteran of the Kentucky State Police. Sergeant Coyle is a 1999 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and is currently enrolled in the EKU Online master’s degree program in justice, policy and leadership.

Why EKU?

I chose EKU for my graduate degree because my undergraduate degree came from Eastern and because of the distinction EKU’s criminal justice programs. What sets EKU apart, first and foremost, would be the faculty and staff.

What do you like about EKU Online?

I enjoy the ease and pace of being an online student. It’s nice to see what is needed by which day and have the ability to work at your own pace.

How will having a master’s degree in justice, policy and leadership advance your career?

I hope to be able to teach (at the undergraduate level) in law enforcement or corrections while continuing my career. Upon retirement, I hope to use this degree to assist me in finding a job in corrections, perhaps in a supervisory position.

Published on November 03, 2016