Corrections and Juvenile Justice Studies Online Bachelor's Degree

The fields of corrections and juvenile justice continue to experience large growth, and that means a demand for qualified practitioners.  This growth, coupled with a continued focus on greater levels of professionalism, has resulted in an emphasis on hiring and promoting people with the right education.

By pursuing a higher education, you can better prepare yourself for advanced positions within the fields of corrections and juvenile justice.  In addition, the financial rewards of higher education have been well documented.


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Is This Degree Right for You?

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What Does the Program Cost?

 Effective Fall 2012 the cost for undergraduate online programs is $395 per credit hour.    

What Does an Online Course Look Like?

Most instructors use EKU's Learning Management system, Blackboard, to develop and deliver their courses. Blackboard provides a framework for instructors to organize course material and interact with students through discussion boards, chat rooms, and online assignments. Although instructors may offer instruction in significantly different formats, by designing courses in Blackboard students can become familiar with the course layouts, making it easier for them to navigate the system so they can focus on the content of the course.

Some professors also produce mini-lectures on video and incorporate instructional videos in their course design. Others rely more on PowerPoint presentations, discussion boards and reading assignments. Most use a combination of strategies and techniques to ensure for a high level of interaction and instructor feedback.

To take an online course, you must be enrolled in the CJJS Online Degree Program as a CJJS major.

Admission Requirements

For admissions requirements, please contact our Distance Education Counselor at 859.622.7441 or via email at

Eastern Kentucky University is an approved participant of the Electronic Campus of the Southern Regional Education Board.


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