graduate experiences

Graduate Student Experiences: Kelly Cline

"My name is Kelly Cline and I am a Juvenile Counselor with the Department of Juvenile Justice.  I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Correctional and Juvenile Justice Studies.  I always knew throughout school that I wanted to work with at-risk youth in my community but di

Graduate Student Experiences: Beverly Patterson

"I found EKU’s Correctional/Juvenile Justice Graduate Studies Program to be challenging yet very rewarding.

Graduate Student Experiences: Betty Hays

"I graduated with my master’s degree in Adult, Juvenile and Community Corrections Leadership May 2012.  This was one of my proudest moments!  It was always a goal and dream of mine to further my education.  However, I worked full time and lived nearly 50 miles from the EKU campus.  The difficulty of attending clas

Graduate Student Experiences: Ryan Fletcher

"I have had a wonderful learning experience in the EKU online Master's Degree program.  My knowledge and love for the criminal justice system as grown immensely!  The professors are all excellent and the staff has always been amazing with making sure everything goes smoothly.  I would definitely recommend this program to