EKU Online: Undergraduate Options in Corrections & Juvenile Justice

Bachelor's of Science Degree in Corrections & Juvenile Justice Studies

EKU’s online bachelor’s degree in Corrections and Juvenile Justice Studies is one of the few in the nation devoted to adult services and juvenile justice. Our curriculum builds on a social sciences foundation that reflects the field’s multi-disciplinary roots, and provides students with discipline-specific knowledge through an array of elective courses. Whether a seasoned professional or new to the field, this program will help you develop the knowledge and skills required for career advancement.

Our undergraduate professional certificate programs are designed for working professionals interested in making a career change or wanting to boost their credentials with specialized knowledge in the field.  No previous college credit is necessary and credits earned can be applied toward the bachelor’s degree.

Undergraduate Professional Certificate in Correctional Intervention Strategies

The undergraduate certificate in Correctional Intervention Strategies focuses on contemporary issues in adult corrections -- including mass incarceration, offender reentry and evidence-based practices in offender rehabilitation. 

Undergraduate Professional Certificate in Youth Services

The certificate in Youth Services concentrates on essential knowledge for juvenile justice professionals including trends in delinquency, the role of juvenile courts and evidence-based delinquency interventions.

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