Adult, Juvenile and Community Corrections Leadership Online Master's Degree

Enhance Your Intellect, Advance Your Career

Eastern Kentucky University’s revised online Master’s Program in Adult, Juvenile and Community Corrections provides a captivating and rigorous program focused on developing leaders in these fields.

As a student in the online master’s degree in Adult, Juvenile and Community Corrections, you will experience a rich learning environment that will allow you to grow intellectually.  At the same time, you will be prepared for leadership opportunities in your field.  

Specialized Courses

Unlike a general criminal justice degree, our program is devoted specifically to the areas of adult, juvenile and community corrections. As a student in EKU’s online master’s program you will participate in course work that is focused on current issues in your field and addresses the challenges you face in the work place. You will also be able to customize your curriculum by choosing from a range of interesting electives that fulfill your educational and career goals.

Available Courses Include:

  • Correctional/Juvenile Justice Leadership and Administration
  • Understanding Corrections/Juvenile Justice Institutions
  • Law and Ethics in Dealing with Offenders
  • Illicit Offender Networks

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Convenience, Flexibility and Interaction

EKU’s online graduate program in Adult, Juvenile and Community Corrections Leadership is available entirely online. Campus visits are not required and you can schedule your coursework around your life. Additionally, the courses are delivered using state-of-the-art technology allowing you to interact with and learn from your professors and other students in numerous ways.

Dedicated Professors

Students learn from full-time, tenured EKU faculty who are leaders in correctional research and education. Our faculty have expertise in a range of different subject matters, and all have considerable experience teaching, conducting research, providing service for the profession, and working in the field as practitioners and consultants. They have strong working relations with local, state, federal and private agencies, and their research is widely known and respected in the discipline.

What Does the Program Cost?

Effective Fall 2011 the cost for graduate online programs is $543 per credit hour.

What Does an Online Course Look Like?

Most instructors use Blackboard to develop and deliver their courses. Blackboard provides a framework for instructors to organize course material and interact with students through discussion boards, chat rooms and online assignments.

Although instructors may offer instruction in different formats, by designing courses in Blackboard students can become familiar with the course layouts, making it easier for them to navigate the system so they can focus on the content of the course.

Some professors produce mini-lectures on video and incorporate instructional videos in their courses. Others rely more on PowerPoint presentations, discussion boards and reading assignments. Most use a combination of strategies and techniques to ensure a high level of interaction and instructor feedback.

Contact Information

For more information or to ask any questions, please feel free to contact the director of the program – Dr. Peter Kraska at

Or the Assistant Coordinator:
Amy Eades at

Or write to:

Adult, Juvenile and Community Corrections Graduate Studies Program
467 Stratton Building
Eastern Kentucky University
521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, KY 40475-3102
Phone: 859-622-5086
Fax: 859-622-1549


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